Working life

What have we learned from working, living and acting during the Covid-19 pandemic – when life as we know it changed from one day to another? How can these experiences contribute to improve the conditions for people with various forms of disabilities to participate in and contribute to working life?

These are some of the questions explored by the research project “Working life during the Covid-19 pandemic: social participation, learning experiences, design opportunities and future work life for people with disabilities”.

The primary stakeholders of the project are people with various forms of disabilities, including their families. The secondary stakeholders are authorities, civil society organisations, and employers who are part of creating conditions for this group to partake in and contribute to working life.

The research assumes a participatory approach and is conducted in collaboration with the stakeholders.

The project is financed by Forte and run by University of Gothenburg, RISE and Malmö University.

Last Updated on 2024-07-02